Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping for store evaluation

Dedicated conducts both quantitative and qualitative ad hoc studies. Depending on your needs, we offer you one of these approaches or a combination of both. Quantitative surveys allow us to obtain data that can be extrapolated to the entire population while the qualitative approach allows for a more in-depth analysis of behaviours and attitudes.

Mystery shoppers can visit your shops or agencies to evaluate the competence of your salesforce, the compliance with certain instructions, the setting up of promotional material, etc.

Several methods of data collection of mystery shopping and conducts are available. Dedicated has all the tools and field organisation required to carry out all traditional data collection methods internally, so we can use the most relevant methods for each project, according to the client’s needs, based on a “full service” approach.

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Mystery shopping agency, our values

The core values of Dedicated are:

  • Flexibility
  • Pro-activity
  • Fast service
  • Unique client partnerships
  • Targeted and precise behaviour analysis
  • Ability to provide insights and recommendations

Mystery shopping