What do we do ?

The types of study we undertake

Dedicated conducts both quantitative and qualitative ad hoc studies. Depending on your needs, we offer you one of these approaches or a combination of both. Quantitative surveys allow us to obtain data that can be extrapolated to the entire population while the qualitative approach allows for a more in-depth analysis of behaviours and attitudes.


How is this data collected?

Several methods of data collection are available. Dedicated has all the tools and field organisation required to carry out all traditional data collection methods internally, so we can use the most relevant methods for each project, according to the client’s needs, based on a “full service” approach.


Our scope of activity

Dedicated interviews respondents both from the general public and specific targets such as professionals, doctors, etc. mainly in the 3 regions of Belgium but also in Europe and sometimes throughout the world with the help of its partners.

Our methodology

Telephone interviews

This method allows us to undertake open interviews (with open-ended questions) and gives the interviewer the opportunity to prompt interviewees.

This technique also provides the highest response rates (i.e. the participation in a survey), allowing for an accurate representation of the population or allowing us to reach a specific, highly targeted group of people.

We have our own call centre, located in the centre of Brussels. Equipped with 40 telephone lines, all connected to the internet, it is one of the largest in Belgium and the only one entirely dedicated to market research. In 2015, more than 120,000 telephone surveys were conducted from our call centre. Most of them are undertaken in Belgium (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia), but we also cover the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and occasionally Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.


Our interviewers are subject to strict selection procedures and receive, on one hand, general training and on the other, specific training on the subjects they are working on and on surveys to be carried out. As part of our quality procedures, interviewers are supervised continuously (telephone intrusion systems, etc.) and receive continuous training (management of difficult scenarios, optimisation of contacts, etc.). All surveys may be recorded.

Online surveys

Internet surveys have the advantage of being quick to implement, while allowing for good sample distribution both in terms of profile and location. This method also allows for the integration of visuals (photos, videos, etc.) into surveys.

Over the years, Dedicated has assembled a panel of Internet users willing to participate in surveys. We can carry out studies both with large samples (up to 4,000 respondents) and specific groups (depending on age, consumer habits, family situations, etc.) across almost all countries, with the support of our partners.

Before participating in a survey, the profile of each respondent is checked to make sure they belong to the targeted group. This stage also makes it possible to verify that the interviewed sample is representative of the targeted group. Finally, the participants are followed-up to make sure they only occasionally participate in surveys in the area studied.

Face-to-face interviews

Face-to-face interviews allow us to collect qualitative data thanks to interviewers and the relationship they build up with the interviewee. Individual interviews are particularly suited to “long” questionnaires and relatively complex questions, with the possibility of using visuals as well as material to be presented or tested.

These interviews are conducted by experienced professional interviewers or market survey professionals specifically trained in qualitative interviewing techniques. Interviews can take place at the participant’s home or in a specific location, following their recruitment by telephone or on the high street. They can also take place on the street, in a specific shop or public place such as trade shows, agencies, leisure centres, etc. Depending on the client’s needs, interviewers use a tablet or a paper questionnaire to interview the respondents.

Dedicated has its own field organisation in place, covering the whole of Belgium (about 200 interviewers over the 11 provinces) but also the Netherlands (80 interviewers available), and Luxembourg (10 local interviewers, some of whom are able to undertake interviews in Luxembourgish and Portuguese).




Our interviewers are recruited, trained, supervised and monitored in accordance with the EMRQS quality standards.

Focus groups

Focus groups allow us to collect qualitative data and address more complex issues. The interaction between the different participants also has a motivational effect that increases the number of ideas, suggestions, feedback, etc. collected.

Focus groups are moderated by experienced interviewers, in their native language. They take place in venues located in different major cities throughout the country. All focus groups are recorded on video and clients can watch the discussion live in an adjacent room.

Mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers can visit your shops or agencies to evaluate the competence of your salesforce, the compliance with certain instructions, the setting up of promotional material, etc.




Shop auditing

Self-administered questionnaires


This approach makes it possible to target a specific group, to whom a paper questionnaire is sent. This method is notably used to collect feedback from clients or readers for which no contact information is available.

And many others, depending on your needs