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Assess your customers’ satisfaction level with a customer satisfaction survey

Wondering how to assess your customers’ satisfaction level? Our customer satisfaction surveys can help you find out thanks to a wide range of methods.

The customer is central in the growth strategy of any company. This is why it so crucial to see to his/her satisfaction concerning the products and services offered by the company. The customer satisfaction survey is there to help you.

Satisfaction is all about the customer’s experience. We can define satisfaction as the customer’s opinion resulting from the gap between the consumed product or service and his/her expectations.

customer satisfaction survey generally comprises 10 evaluation levels (ranking from the evaluation of the first contact with the product or service provider to willingness to recommend the product or service to a friend or an acquaintance).

A customer satisfaction survey is mostly carried up under the form of CATI telephone survey (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). This methodology makes it possible to ask filter questions on various elements concerning either the customer’s profile or his/her experience with the consumed product or service. Most of the time, the response rate of a customer satisfaction survey conducted with a qualified address file reaches between 70% and 90%.

During the course of a customer satisfaction survey, the pollster has to keep a certain distance with the respondent in order to collect information on an objective basis (example: not to sympathize with the customer if he/she has had a bad experience with the product or service concerned). One should always make sure that the questionnaire ends with at least one open question to let the respondent express his/her feelings freely (i.e. without him/her having to answer a closed question). This last point is essential in terms of psychology.

Dedicated built up considerable expertise in CSS (Customer Satisfaction Survey). We developed our own CSS tools to guarantee the extensive measurement of your customers’ satisfaction level and allow you to definitely identify possible causes of dissatisfaction and possible actions to put things right again.

We also developed an on-line reporting system enabling you to permanently consult the last results on your customers’ satisfaction, to make comparisons according to your wishes (examples : to see the client satisfaction index of a store, to compare instantaneously the results of a store with another, …).

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Types of studies in customer satisfaction survey

  • Price studies
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Image and notoriety studies
  • Pre- and post-testing of advertising campaigns

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