Call center Belgium

Dedicated has a modern and fully equiped call center in Brussels, in the heart of Belgium.

Our call center Belgium is located in Brussels is equipped with

  • 45 CATI stations connected to the Internet
  • Located in the centre of Brussels and easily accessible, our call-center is one of the most important in Belgium
  • Modern designed, our call-center was conceived to attend to:

Interviewers “well-being”:

  • Widely sectioned spaces (80 cm per interviewer)
  • Flat screens and headphones
  • Automatic phone number dialing
  • Light environment
  • Air conditioning
  • Relaxing area

Respondent’s “well being”:

  • Excellent sound insulation: respondents don’t have the uncomfortable feling of
    being called from a call centre
  • Interviewers’microphones filter the surroundings sounds

The training and supervision of the interviewers:

  • Fully equiped training room
  • 2 permanent supervisors
  • Recording system
  • Intrusion system
  • Etc.

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Our values

The core values of Dedicated are:

  • Flexibility
  • Pro-activity
  • Fast service
  • Unique client partnerships
  • Targeted and precise behaviour analysis
  • Ability to provide insights and recommendations